8th Grade Homework
Due 9/18: African Culture Influences America Google Draw Project (See assignment sheet in Google Drive folder)

Due 9/13: Finish Slavery Arguments and Justification Pro vs Con Google Draw. Make sure to summarize three points on each side (Pro and Con). Also, add pictures or symbols to each bullet. After, read the Alabama Slave Code and answer the questions.

Due 9/11: Middle Passage journals: Write a journal entry from one of several perspectives (leader of a mutiny/revolt; slaves not directly involved in the mutiny; a crew member; or William Snelgrave) Make sure to add a title and edit. The entry should be at least one paragraph. You can include a drawing or diagram for a slave revolt if you would like. Be creative and empathetic.

Due 9/6: Read and take bullet notes on "Enslavement Documents." For each document write 2 bullets and one question. All documents are in the shared Google Drive folder. 

Due 8/29: Log into 
textbook website to make sure you can access from home. The webpage is listed under class resources or http://my.hrw.com/

Due 8/28: Email etiquette response (Follow directions in email)