7th Grade Homework
Due 2/16: BB p. 28 (Chart on p. 27 will help too)

Due 2/15: BB p. 25, 26

Due 2/13: BB p. 17-19 (Specifics about Senate and House)

Due 2/8: BB p. 16

Due 2/1: BB p. 13, 14

Due 1/30: Bill of Rights worksheet and BB p. 9

Due 1/24: Bill of Rights sketches

Due 1/20: Preamble paragraph. Use textual evidence from, The Words We Live By.

Due 1/19: Preamble graphic organizer. Complete questions #1 and 2 with your group. After, complete #3 or #4 on your own. Make sure to include textual evidence for each.

Due 1/17: BB p. 10 and p. 11

Due 1/13: Graphic Representation of the Preamble and BB p. 12 "The Preamble and a Look Ahead"

Due 1/9: BB p. 7, 8 "The Constitutional Convention"

Due 1/6: BB p. 5 "Articles of Confederation and p. 6 "Constitutional Convention Part 1"

Due 1/5: Who Rules? Chart (Circle the correct type of government)

Due 1/4: 2016 Year in Rap (4+ news stories and 12-16 lines) (Try to rhyme or add other elements of style)

Due 12/14 Period 7 and Period 8: Read and annotate JS: Pick 1 from the following options: "Black and Blue" p.6-9; "Hungry for Relief in Venezuela" p. 10-13; "The Long Fight Over Immigration" p. 14-19.

Due 12/13 Period 7 and Period 8: Create your own Sovereign State (Make sure to color the flag and map) (Also, make sure numbers add up to 100%)

Due 12/9 Period 7 and Period 8: Thomas Hobbes and John Locke cartoons. Answer the questions in cartoon form regarding their different opinions on government. 

Due 12/7 Period 7 and Period 8: BB p. 3 and 4

Due 12/4 Period 7 and Period 8: Toward Independence and Thomas Jefferson Drafts a Constitution Cornell Notes 

Due 12/1 Period 7 and Period 8: 1. The Excellence of the American Revolution: Time Capsule (6 item collage and letter from Washington) (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder) 2. Also, read JS p. 9-12 and complete 3-3-3 notes (3 important- 3 interesting- 3 questions)

Due 11/21 Period 7 and Period 8: GRW p. 43-45. Also, complete "Challenge activity." On p. 45 include the definition and an adjective or descriptive phrase. If you need more information please read textbook Ch. 4 Section 1 on pg. 112-116.

Due 11/18 Period 7 and Period 8: Rwanda, "Two Decades Later" article annotated.

Due 11/17 Period 7 and Period 8: Rwandan Genocide note-sheet. Please take organized (in sections) bullet notes based on worksheet

Due 11/15 Period 7 and Period 8: Operation Gratitude: Service Learning Project (Letter or Artwork to Veterans)

Due 11/10 Period 7 and Period 8: Battle at Lexington Green Analytical Paragraph. See assignment sheet in shared Google drive folder.

Due 11/8 Period 7 and Period 8: Finish reading Barker Diary and Minutemen Deposition. Also, answer questions. Then, read, annotate and source last three documents: Stiles Letter, Textbook Version and Lister's Account.

Due 10/31 Period 7 and Period 8: Boston Gazette Editorial on Boston Massacre. Try to include at least one piece of textual evidence to prove your opinion. Make sure to share w/ Mr. Panella by Monday 3:15. It would be a good idea to share on Sunday, 10/30 because there is no social studies.

Due 10/26 Period 7 and Period 8: Boston Massacre Documents #2-#4. Please be aware that each source comes from a different perspective.

Due 10/25 Period 7 and Period 8: Boston Massacre Document #1 Question #3

Due 10/21 Period 7 and Period 8: Ch. 3 Sec. 5 Vocabulary Quiz (STUDY)

Due 10/20 Period 7 and Period 8: Define and explain your assigned words for the Ch. 3 Sec. 5 vocabulary quiz.

Due 10/17 Period 7 and Period 8: Colonial Protest Rally Project (Banner and Skit) (See Shared Google Drive folder for details)

Due 9/29: Two last Stamp Act documents and questions. Try your best, some are difficult and it is okay if you are confused.

Due 9/28: Stamp Act Collage and Note Sheet (See assignment sheet in shared Google folder)

Due 9/20: Colonial Journal and Drawing (See assignment sheet in shared Google folder)

Due 9/19 Period 7 and 8: (SUGGESTED HOMEWORK) Read and take bullets on either Jamestown p. 72-74 or Plymouth p. 78-80 in the textbook. You may also want to complete research using the internet too. The journal and drawing are due Tuesday 9/20.

Due 9/14 Period 7 and Period 8: Pocahontas Analytical Paragraph- Did Pocahontas Save John Smith? Disney claims to be responsible, accurate and respectful. Answer the question using evidence from the documents we analyzed in class.

Due 9/13 Period 7 and Period 8: Find 2-3 lines of exact evidence to support your opinion on Disney. Write the exact evidence out in quotes and include the author or book title.

Due 9/12 Period 7 and Period 8: Finish reading, annotating, and questions for Lewis and Barbour. Do not start outline yet.

Due 9/9 Period 8: None

Due 9/9 Period 7: Finish annotating (adding side margin notes or questions) to the two historians perspective of Pocahontas (Adams and Lemay)

Due 9/8: Period 7 and Period 8: None