NO HOMEWORK FOR THE WEEKEND OF NOV. 10-12!! Enjoy the snow!! HOMEWORK DUE ON... Thursday, 11/9: TKAM ​Chapter 11: finish and annotate; we will summarize ​in class Tuesday, 11/7: TKAM: Chapter 9: annotated and summarized Chapter 10: read, annotate and summarize ​NOT DUE TOMORROW but keep working on Student Option for Chapter 9 Friday, 11/10: Vocab #6: Spelling Test HOMEWORK DUE ON.. Wednesday, 11/1: TKAM: Chapter 7: Read and NO summary (Happy Halloween!) Tuesday, 10/31: Vocab Book #5 TKAM: Chapter 6 Summary (in your novel!) Chapters 1-6 in Readers's Notebook: Find a quote that describes the characters of Jem, Scout, Atticus, Ms. Maudie, Dill Chapters 1-6 Quiz Wednesday, 11/1: TKAM: No homework; make sure Chapter 7 and key complete Vocabulary #5: Study for test on Friday Thursday, 11/2: Vocabulary Test #5 TKAM: Finish Chapter 8, annotate and summarize In your Reader's Notebook write a haiku (5-7-5) pertaining to the chapter about each listed below: -Jem -Scout -Boo -Ms. Maudie -Atticus -The Fire HOMEWORK DUE ON.. Wednesday, 10/25: TKAM: Chapter 2 $2-$4 summary (10¢ a word) Choose one question from Packet answer and illustrate it Thursday, 10/26: TKAM: Chapter 3 Illustrate how Scout feels about school from the beginning of Chapter 2 to the end of Chapter 3 Annotate and quick summary Prepare your question for group discussion Friday, 10/27: TKAM: Chapter 4 Finish reading the chapter Summarize IN THE BOOK Choose one Chapter 4 question from packet and answer it in your Reader's Notebook with drawing Vocab #5 Spelling Test HOMEWORK DUE ON... Friday, 10/13: Vocab Lesson #4 Spelling Test Children's Book Reflective Essay-double-spaced, printed Tuesday, 10/17: Vocab Book-Lesson #4 Friday, 10/20: Vocab Lesson #4 Test HOMEWORK DUE ON... Friday, 9/29: Vocab Lesson #3 Spelling Test Monday, 10/2: Vocab Book-Lesson #3 Wednesday, 10/3 Vocab Lesson #3 Test HOMEWORK DUE ON... Tuesday, 9/19: Vocab Book-Lesson #2 Thesis Paragraph Rewrite (include Draft #1 & 2) Wednesday, 9/20: Story Elements Test Friday, 9/22: Vocab Lesson #2 Test HOMEWORK DUE ON... Tuesday, 9/12: Story Elements pp. 39-41 Friday, 9/15: Vocabulary Lesson #2 Spelling Test HOMEWORK Thursday, 9/6: Story Elements due pp. 33-36 Friday, 9/7: Vocabulary Test Lesson #1 HOMEWORK: THIS IS A CHANGE FROM ORIGINAL DATES!! Friday, 9/1: Vocabulary Spelling Test Lesson #1 Tuesday, 9/5: Vocabulary Book Due: Lesson #1 pp. 5-9 Friday, 9/8 - Vocabulary Test Lesson #1 Thursday, 8/24 - Bring in two children's books