8th Grade Homework
6/2: Final Research Project and Presentation (See assignment sheet) Presentations will occur in chronological order.

5/17: 18 Years in Rap Collage (See assignment sheet)

5/12: Ch. 28 Sec. 3 Cornell Notes (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

5/10: Powerful Voices (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

5/2: Women's Movement Inquiry Project (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

4/19: Illinois Holocaust Museum Field Trip Forms and Fee ($8). Field trip is on Friday, May 26th. Students will need to bring sack lunches. The pizza lunch will be served Thursday, May 25th.

4/10: Read and annotate UpFront: "Fake News Fooling Millions!" Also, complete "Know Whether It's News" worksheet.

4/5: Atomic Bomb Debate Follow-Up, "Epilogue: The Decisions and the Consequences"

3/20: Bataan Death March and Manhattan Project Notes

3/15: Create propaganda poster (See assignment sheet shared Google Drive folder)

3/13: US Propaganda analysis (See shared Google Drive folder and document titled, 5.3 US Prop Student) (Make sure to read for the correct theme)

3/9: Finish Holocaust Human Rights Center document analysis. Then, read "Survivor of Nazi Massacre..." and write 5-7 bullets of interesting information. 

3/7: TTWR Part III

3/3: TTWR Part II

2/28: TTWR Part I

2/24: Holocaust vocabulary use "Tell Them We Remember" (TTWR)

2/23: Why did the U.S. intern Japanese Americans during WWII? (Analytical paragraph using documents from class) (Try to include 1-2 reasons/textual evidence)

Due 2/16: Ch. 26 Sec 2 #2A-3B. Follow guideline in shared Google Drive folder.

Due 2/15: WWII Battle Research Project 

Due 2/9: GRW p. 280-282 (+ challenge) (Ch. 26 Sec. 1)

Due 1/30: "When Rivers Burned" chapter presentation

Due 1/26: Earth Day poster or political cartoon (See shared Google Drive folder)

Due 1/24: Finish Earth Day "The Setting" in table groups. After, complete Nelson's Vision with a partner. Then, complete "When The People Spoke." All activities should be completed on Google Docs and shared with Mr. Panella.

Due 1/23: Create Your Own Environmental Law (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 1/20: Environmental Quotes of the Time: Make sure to include a title, exact quote, summary of quote, and pictures that represent the quote.

Due 1/12: "Fable for Tomorrow" two-part drawing illustrating human impacts on the environment

Due 1/9: Coal and the Industrial Revolution Notes (1+ bullet/s and 1+ question per page)

Due 1/6: UpFront annotations. Choose one of the following articles and annotate: "Blue and Black" p.6-9; "China's Left Behind Children" p. 14-17; "The Fight Over Immigration" p. 18-21. Be prepared for open annotation quiz too.

Due 1/5: 2016 Year in Rap (4+ news stories and 12-16 lines) (Try to rhyme or add other elements of style) (Make sure to add names, title, 12-16 lines, pictures on a one-page document) (Email Photo Booth recording to Mr. Panella before class)

Due 12/15: Ch. 19 Second Industrial Revolution Test (Study Monday-Wednesday)

Due 12/12: Ch. 19 Sec 3 Cornell Notes

Due 12/9: Industrialist Essay: Was your industrialist a "captain of industry" or "robber baron?" (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 12/4: Email Mr. Panella the class that you are most interested in taking at DHS (If you are in between classes, let me know in the email) (I will meet with everyone on Monday)

Due 12/1: Meet Some Real Robber Barons Cornell notes (See assignment sheet and three articles to read in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 11/30: Write a position paragraph in favor of or opposed to sweatshops. Include information from the videos, article or extra research (textual evidence) (avoid first person). 

Due 11/29: Sweatshop article annotations (Please write 2-4 bullets per page)

Due 11/21: Rwanda note sheet and "Two Decades Later" article annotated.

Due 11/16: Operation Gratitude: Service Learning Project (Letter or Artwork to Veterans)

Due 11/14: Labor Event Presentation (See documents in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 11/4: World's Fair Invention (See shared Google Drive folder) and GRW p. 214-216 (Plus challenge. Make a T-chart and include at least two bullets on each side)

Due 10/31: GRW p. 211-213  (Plus challenge, at least 4 sentences) (Also, for adjective section include one definition and one descriptive phrase or adjective for each term) (Textbook Ch. 19 Sec. 1 in case you need more information)

Due 10/27: Second Industrial Revolution Discoveries and Inventions Poster (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 10/24: Creative child labor story/diary. Make sure to include creative title, primary document photo, and story. Assignment sheet is in shared Google Drive folder.

Due 10/20: Child Labor Photo Analysis. Documents are in shared Google Drive folder, make sure to include name, title, picture and 3 column notes (observe, reflect, question)

Due 10/17: Tenement Article bullets (Two sources, please separate notes based on source) Also, colored Tenement design with labels and 5 bullets from articles (See Google Shared folder for all documents)

Due 10/14: Riis and Gilded Age summary paragraph. Read both articles and summarize information from both accounts into one summary paragraph. (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 10/4: Ch. 12 Sec. 4 Cornell Notes

Due 9/30: Finish reading UpFront: What's At Stake p. 6-9. Also, complete the worksheet, "What's At Stake." Remember to add textual evidence to support your claims. It may be a good idea to annotate the article, so that you are prepared for an open article and worksheet quiz.

Due 9/27: Transportation Revolution Skits and GRW p. 136-138 (No challenge)

Due 9/20: 1. Slater and Lowell Mill Advertisements (See assignment sheet for details) 2. GRW p. 133-135 (No challenge)

Due 9/14: Directions: Read p. 390-394 (Stop before section Workers Organize). Take bullet notes on the chart below describing Slater and Lowell’s Mills.

Due 9/12: Ch. 12 Sec. 1 #1A, 1B, 2A, 2C, 3A. Follow textbook homework guidelines in shared Google Drive folder.

Due 9/9: If you did not present, practice I.R. presentation

Due 9/8: Intro to Industrial Revolution presentations (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)