6th Grade Homework

Due 5/15: Create you own Mythological God, Demigod, Creature or Hero. Include a creative story and colored drawing. (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 5/11: Textbook questions Ch. 8 Sec. 3: 1A, 1B, 3A, 3B (Follow textbook question format)

Due 5/10: Greek Mythology Card Project (See assignment sheet: If solo complete 8 and if partner complete 16)

Due 5/2: After, viewing and discussing the presentation, "What is Classic?" find a different object or person that you consider "classic." On a Google Draw include a picture of the person or item and write a sentence explaining why it is "classic." 

Due 4/28: Ch. 8 Sec. 2 Cornell Notes

Due 4/26: Greek City-State Song and Banner (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 4/20: Greece Map and GRW p. 82-84 (No challenge; Also for 3 descriptive phrase part- include one definition and one descriptive phrase or adjective)

Due: 4/10: Ch. 6 Sec. 5 Creative Notes; Also, read and annotate JS "Fake News Fools Millions." 

Due 4/4: Finishing writing China, East Asia or Southeast Asia postcard. Make sure to edit. Also, find +5 pictures (large) for front of card and at least one stamp for back. All images should be moved to a Google Doc.

Due 3/22: Read and 2-2-2 notes (2 important, 2 interesting, 2 questions) JS: "China's Big Move." Article in shared Google Drive folder and titled, "JUNIOR SCHOLASTIC CHINA BIG MOVE POPULATION TO URBAN.pdf"
***Also, have a few ideas for China/East Asia (SE Asia too) postcard project*** (See China postcard shared Google Drive folder)

Due 3/16: Ch. 6 Sec. 4 Cornell notes (Follow guide in shared Google Drive class folder, not in China folder)

Due 3/14: GRW p. 64-66 (Ch. 6 Sec. 3) (No challenge)

Due 3/13: Zhou Dynasty Journal (See Google Drive)

Due 3/10: Textbook Ch. 6 Sec. 2 #1A-1C, 2B, 3B, and 3C. Follow textbook homework guideline.

Due 3/3: China Creative Story (Include a title, picture from slide show and creative story)

Due 3/1: JS Map p. 13 and GRW p. 58-60 (No Challenge; Ch. 6 Sec. 1 if you need more information from textbook)

Due 2/28: JS Read and annotate, "Desperate for a New Life" p. 8-12. Be prepared for an open annotation quiz. 

Due 2/24: China and East Asia Map

Due 2/23: Ch. 5 Sec. 5 Indian Achievements Cornell Notes (Follow class example and see Google Drive document in India folder)

Due 2/16: Ch. 5 Sec. 3 #1A-3A (Follow guideline in shared Google Drive folder) (p. 141)

Due 2/13: GRW p. 46-48 (Challenge 2 sentences minimum) (Read directions carefully for "True and False" section. All you need to do is for false statements, change the underlined word so the definition is correct. (Textbook p. 130-135 will have more information)

Due 2/9: Hinduism Belief Presentations

Due 2/7: Caste System journal and drawing (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 2/1: GRW p. 43-45 and challenge (2 sentences) If you need to check the textbook it is Ch. % Sec. 1 p. 124-129.

Due 1/30: India Travels Presentation

Due 1/24: India Real Estate Ad (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 1/19: Ancient India Map Activity (Label in color)

Due 1/18: India Creative Story (Pick one image and write a creative story about it. Make sure to include a title and the picture you used)

Due 1/10: Mesopotamia Test Today: STUDY

Due 1/9: Study for Mesopotamia Test: Read through review guide and write out confusing terms and definitions (Group similar terms and definitions together)

Due 1/6: 1. 2016 Year in Rap and Photo Booth recording. Make sure to include, names, title, 12-16 lines, and pictures. Email the Photo Booth recording to Mr. Panella before class. 2. Easy Mesopotamia Review (Word bank and false statements) 3. Also, read through Mesopotamia Review Guide. Write out terms and definitions for confusing words.

Due 1/5: Continue to work on 2016 Year in Rap. remember to include 4+ stories and 12-16 lines. Also, read through Mesopotamia Review Guide. Write out terms and definitions for confusing words.

Due 1/4: Read through Mesopotamia Review Guide. Write out terms and definitions for confusing words.

Due 12/9: Practice skits for Mesopotamian Empire green screen recording. Could also finish introduction presentation.

Due 12/4: JS p. 9-12 Chocolate Crisis (3-3-3 notes) (3 important, 3 interesting, 3 questions) (Make sure to include your name, a title, complete facts)

Due 12/1: GRW p. 22-24 (TB Ch. 3 Sec. 3) (Also, complete challenge and list at least 4 ways)

Due 11/30: Textbook Ch. 3 Sec 2 p. 60-64 questions (1A, 1C, 2A, 2C) (Follow guide reviewed in class and on Google Drive shared folder

Due 11/21: Seven Characteristics of a Civilization picture project. Try to include at least 3 images for each section. Also, try to vary the types of images. For example, for food supply: find a food type, restaurant, cooking utensil... 

Due 11/18: Characteristics of a Civilization matching sheet. Try to match as many as you can. Do not forget to include a short description.

Due 11/16: Operation Gratitude: Service Learning Project (Letter or Artwork to Veterans)

Due 11/15: Ancient Mesopotamian Problem Poster Project (See assignment sheet in shared Google drive folder)

Due 11/10: GRW p. 16-18 (No challenge; On p. 18 please include definitions)

Due 11/8: Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia Map

Due 11/4: Suggested homework: Re-read, "America's Choice" p. 6-9 to better prepare yourself for open article and worksheet quiz.

Due 10/31 Paleolithic/Neolithic Creative Letter (See shared Google drive folder)

Due 10/27: Paleolithic and Neolithic Symbolic Poster. See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder.

Due 10/24: Finish finding pictures for the Paleolithic/Neolithic Symbolic Poster. Remember for each section you need 4-5 pictures and symbols. So, for Paleolithic food supply you need 4-5 pictures/symbols and for Neolithic food supply you need 4-5 pictures/symbols. The assignment sheet is in your shared Google Drive folder.

Due 10/13: Hominid Presentations (Make sure to practice)

Due 9/30: Finish Hominid research. Remember to use History Alive, then Ape to Man notes, then BBC and Smithsonian websites. 

Due 9/28: Back in Time journal (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 9/19: Ch 1 Sec 1 and 2 Vocab (Textbook pages 6-17) Follow directions in shared Google drive folder. Search for "Ch. 1 Sec. 1"

Due 9/13: Finish History Mystery creative story. See Google shared folder for more information.

Due 9/12: Timeline...of Life project. See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder.

Due 9/9: Continue working on timeline rough draft. You will have the entire period tomorrow to work on the project. The final copy is due Monday, 9/12. See shared Google Drive folder if you need the assignment sheet.

Due 9/8: None

Due 9/6: None

Due: 8/29: None

Due 8/26: None